Domus Organizer

DomusOrganizer Domus Organizer is a tool for real estate agencies.
Stop displaying your properties and start managing them! You can save customer requests, search them, handle photos and properties connected with your customer.
With few clicks, you can integrate your properties inside your Joomla site.

Don't worry about fixed settings, everything is customizable.

To see this extension in action, please visit our demo site:

Stable 3.3.0

Rilasciato il:
Lunedì, 04 Agosto 2014 07:22

This is a feature release, we added several new feature and fixed some bugs, all users are adviced to update.

If you find this extension useful, please leave a review at the Joomla Extension Directory

Release notes
  • [PRO] Added built-in template system: now you can create your own layout directly inside your site backend
  • [PRO] Added content plugin in order to display energy classes with an image
  • [PRO] Added option to show weekend days in the agenda
  • Added page to manage all the agents
  • Added configuration param in order to limit property description length
  • [MEDIUM] Missing warning while trying to delete a type used by one or more properties
  • [MEDIUM] [PRO] Pass to "onAfterSave" plugins updated table object
  • [LOW] Added again the attribute name="adminForm", since it's still required even if Joomla! said it's deprecated (!!!)
  • [LOW] Fixed pagination error on agencies page
  • [LOW] Fixed attributes display on admin page
  • [LOW] Fixed property translation edit
  • [LOW] Fixed javascript errors while performing AJAX tasks
  • [LOW] [PRO] Fixed javascript error while interacting with the agenda
  • [LOW] Fixed assigning customer/property while the record is checked out or you can't edit it
  • [LOW] [PRO] Fixed autosearch warning message
  • [LOW] Fixed save of property meta description
  • [LOW] Hide unpublished categories from search module
  • [LOW] Fixed public search pagination with custom result page
  • Updated router removing the property ref id

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