Domus Organizer

Domus Organizer is an extension designed to meet the needs of real estate agencies, combining the need for a everyday work management tool with the web presence of their properties.
In a simple and intuitive you can manage and administer the customer list, prints, yards, research and much more; in addition, any changes made to a property is immediately reflected on the public area, without needing to launch update procedures.

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Designed for those who work

Domus Organizer is primarily designed for those who work every day with properties
  • Customizable All the attributes and characteristics can be found within the database, so you only need to change or add a line to get the result you want. Even the look and feel is easily customizable: every graphic effects (rounded corners, shadows, etc. etc.) are obtained using style sheets, without the need for images: simply change the style to suit your needs.

  • Functional search You can search for customers and property name, phone number, address, city, type, contract. Just fill one field.

  • Photo no-problem The multiple loading and their management is done with a few mouse clicks, the resize is automatic and customizable

  • Ready-to-use The public part is complete with all the necessary elements to instantly publish your site:
    • Native Slideshow
    • Gmap location of the property (you can hide the exact location)
    • Modules property search
  • Customer Management You can manage every detail of every single person in the registry:
    • Personal data: name, surname, date of birth, etc. etc.
    • Property requests: category, type, rooms, positions etc. etc.
    • Property connected to a customer
  • Property Management Domus Organizer is not a simple component for property presentation, but it's a real management tool. In addition to "classic" features (surface, category, type etc etc) you can also manage and create custom fields (elevator, air conditioning, exposition, heating system etc etc)

Free version is just the tip of the iceberg, inside the professional one you will find a lot of features that will help you in everyday work:

  • Full ACL
  • Template system
  • Support for multiple agencies
  • Agenda
  • Advanced search
  • Multi-language support
  • Google Maps Street view
  • PDF printing
  • Image watermarks on photos
  • Photo beautification
  • Support for 3rd party plugins
  • Run content plugin on properties
  • Custom module positions
  • Hide property fields to public
  • XMAP plugin: include your properties in the sitemap
  • Automatic search
  • List of agents on public area
  • Properties assigned to agents
  • Carousel Module included
  • Properties module
  • Data import

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