Domus Organizer Pro

Portal integration
Are you interested in automatically publishing your properties on real estate portals?

Contact us and we'll give you our best solutions.


So did you enjoy our free version of Domus Organizer?
Do you know that it was just the tip of the iceberg, don't you?

We have big plans for this extension, so we have created a professional version where you can find a lot of new features (and we're developing new ones!)

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Advanced search

Are you looking for a building with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, that is near Central Park? Simply fill the form and Domus Organizer will find what you're looking for!

Automatic search

Within each customer or property you can automatically search within your database in order to find the right property to suggest to your customers.

Nice, isn't it?

Carousel module

Display your properties in a new fancy way.

Customer/property data import

Do you already have the your customer database and property? Do not bother putting them back one by one, run a bulk import!

Property assigned to the agent

Assign your properties to the agent that is dealing with it: his details will be displayed inside the property page and he will get the contact emails.

PDF output

Offer your customers a PDF print nicely formatted, with your logo and your detail information

Image Watermark

Instead of applying a simple text to protect the copyright of your photographs, use an image!

Multilanguage support

You'll be able to translate every single word: property title and description, categories, type, property attributes...

Street View

In addition to displaying the map, why not also shown the place where the property is located?


Who? Where? With who? When? Why?
Mark all appointments of your employees to efficiently manage your day

Multiple agencies

Do you several subsidiaries or you're inside a group of agencies? Manage them all inside Domus Organizer.

Add new features with plugins

Extends existing features with plugins: inside the pro version you'll be able to run all the plugins compatible with Joomla articles.

Custom module positions

Add new modules inside Domus Organizer pages without modifing its core!

Full ACL

Create groups to restrict actions that could be performed, set access views in order to display customers and properties to authorized users only

Agents views

Display all the properties assigned to an agent and the full list of agents of your agencies.


Tired of manual edits on files? Do you want more flexibility on your layouts? With the built-in template system you'll be able to create your own layouts directly using Joomla editor!



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