J4Schema Pro

FabbricaBinaria has just released a professional version which offers additional opportunities for webmasters who want to add schema.org attributes.
To download it, you have to purchase a subscription.

ready-to-use rich snippets

Inside the installation package we have included template overrides for these main components:

With a simple click your e-commerce will begin to show results much more appealing than just links.

maximum freedom

In the Professional version you can enter the attributes in any part of your site, not only within articles.

Just insert a token in the template and it will be replaced by its correct value.

Through the template override, you can change any component (the core of Joomla, Virtuemart, K2 etc. etc.), by adding information you deem appropriate, all without affecting their proper operation!

Page author

J4Schema Professional also supports the generation of "author" link in Joomla 2.5 sites: just put the link to their Google+ profile and indicate that you collaborate with your site.
All in a simple and automatic way.


Our dedicated testing module will automatically generate the url to view your site through Google's Rich Snippets Tool.
With a simple click you can immediately see the final result.


In the professional version you can also edit the articles in the frontend: your staff can also add attributes schema.org without having access to the backend.

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