Tracktime Tracktime was created to meet the needs of freelance developers.
This type of work can be very rewarding: we are completely independent, we have absolute control on the development and its priorities, we must not justify our choices with any kind of "boss".

Unfortunately, this situation also has a downside: dealing with final customers is not always an easy task, especially when we have to keep track of all changes, on the one hand trying not to disappoint the customer, the other not to spend so much time in a project to make it unprofitable.

For this reason it was developed TrackTime, a tool that will allow you to track actual time spent on each edit, so you never lose an eye on the most important goal: the relationship between hours worked and the final revenue.

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Do you have any docs related to the project? PSD layouts, sketches on paper?
Attach them to the project, so you'll never lose them!


Can't remember the access details for every customer?
Domain, FTP user and password, Joomla user and password?

Save them! (Don't worry, they're encrypted)
Do you need more fields? Don't worry you can customize them.


Do you want to exactly know how much time did you spend on a project?
Is this customer asking so much changes that this work is turning un-profitable?

Use the built-in timer!

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