TrackTime Pro

tracktimeThe professional version of TrackTime offers more functionality to developers who are looking for a tool for their daily work.

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Invoice system

Choose which operations you want to bill (activity log, hour stacks or insert them manually) and your invoice is ready to be sent in PDF format!

You can also create different templates to use as needed.
Even sending via e-mail is automated: choose the customer, choose the template for the email and send the document automatically.


A pratical and easy-to-use calendar: just drag&drop an event to move it to another day or a different time.
Events can be groups into categories or types (incomes, payments): at a glance you will know what to expect that day or the whole week.

You can add events for payments and incomes, so you'll never forget to call the customer for invoice payment.

Frontend access

Do you wish your co-workers start using TrackTime, but you don't want to grant them the access to the backend?
No problem, simply create a new menu entry and you'll colleagues will be able to submit their activities.


Automatically create and send several reports directly to your customer: you can select certain activities and send them, send their complete summary or deliver credentials to access the site just completed.

Remote tracking of activities

Just install our plugin on your customer site and every time you login the internal timer will start: when you logout, it will send the time spent on your site, saving it.
Nice huh?

N.B.Some server could block outgoing connections, preventing the log


Inside professional version there is a complete management of correspondence and models: every time you want to create a new document, simply start from a saved model, then it will be saved inside TrackTime and you'll be able to access it whenever you want.

Extension repository

How many extensions do you have on your computer?
Did you really remember which project is using what and when you have to update?
Save them all on your site and get notifications everytime you have to update something!

Single use download link

Stop uploading your extensions!
Install them directly from your site creating a single use download link and using Joomla built-in "Install from URL".
Simple, sicure and efficient.

Frontend customers access

Grant access to your customers and let them follow your activities.
No more "What did you do today?" calls!

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