Domus Organizer - User manual

Davide Tampellini

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September 2013


This manual explains how to use the extension Domus Organizer for sites developed using Joomla!™.

Table of Contents

1. Preface
2. Installation
Minimum requirements
Automatic updates
3. Base version
Customer Management
Customer list
Single customer
Customer - General description
Customer - Requests
Customer - Properties
Properties management
Property list
Single property
Property - General description
Property - Details
Property - Position
Property - Images
Property - Owners
Public area
Category list
Single category
Single property
Search Module
Configuration options
Component params
General options
Utility Functions
Advanced Configuration
Public area layout override
CSS and image override
System tables
Property properties
Element groups
Property elements
Element attributes
User profile
Agency profile
Customer groups
Room type
Customer source
Street type
4. Professional version
How to download/install
Full ACL support
Basic ACL setup
Single agency
Single agency with different permissions
Single agency with different permissions and access levels
Advanced ACL setup
Multiple agencies, agents can only see the other ones records
Multiple agencies, agents can't see the other ones records
Multilanguage support
Translate properties
Translate the other items
Template system
Template management
Google Street View
CREA integration
Installation and configuration
Configure the access details
Configure the import
Configure property elements
Import data from CREA server
Manual import
Automated import
Monthly view
Weekly view
Daily view
Single appointment
Support for multiple agencies
Support for content plugin
Support for integration plugins
Import data
Advanced search
Automatic search
Custom module positions
Agents assigned to properties
Print property PDF
Custom print templates
Edit a print template
Create a template document (without images)
Create a template document (with images)
Hide elements in public views and search form
Image watermark
Image beautifying
Additional modules
Carousel Module
Properties module
Additional plugins
Energy class plugin
Social share buttons
Property ID generator
XMAP (sitemap generator) plugin
5. Developers' information
Token reference
Property tokens
Customer tokens
Agent tokens
Agency tokens
Developing custom plugins
"domusintegration" plugin event
Property events
Customer events
"domusimport" plugin events

List of Figures

2.1. Consistency checks
2.2. Creating a new group for Domus Organizer
2.3. Creating a new access level for Domus Organizer
2.4. Creating a new menu entry for Domus Organizer
2.5. Domus Organizer permissions
3.1. Domus Organizer control panel
3.2. Customer list
3.3. Customer sections
3.4. Customer general info
3.5. Customer requests
3.6. Customer properties
3.7. Property list
3.8. Property sections
3.9. Property general info
3.10. Property details
3.11. Property position
3.12. Property images
3.13. Property owners
3.14. Categories list: frontend layout
3.15. Categories view: menu params
3.16. Category view: frontend layout
3.17. Category list: menu params
3.18. Property view: frontend layout
3.19. Property view: menu params
3.20. Component params: sections
3.21. Component params: general options
3.22. Component params: gallery options
3.23. Component params: frontend options
3.24. Component params: permissions
3.25. Utility functions
3.26. System tables: Categories
3.27. System tables: Types
3.28. Type details
3.29. Property properties
3.30. System tables: Elements groups
3.31. Element group detail
3.32. System tables: Property elements
3.33. Property element detail
3.34. System tables: Element attributes
3.35. System tables: User profile
3.36. System tables: Agency profile
3.37. System tables: Customer groups
3.38. System tables: Room type
3.39. System tables: Customer source
3.40. System tables: Street type
3.41. System tables: Districts
3.42. System tables: Towns
3.43. System tables: Zones
3.44. System tables: Sub-zones
4.1. Scenario #2: Property form with publishing fields disabled
4.2. Scenario #2: Customers view without any edit permissions
4.3. Scenario #3: Property access level
4.4. Scenario #3: Senior agent property list
4.5. Scenario #3: Junior agent property list
4.6. Scenario #3: Edit access level
4.7. Agency permissions inside Domus Organizer
4.8. ACL Scenario #4: Property list for an agent of the first agency
4.9. ACL Scenario #4: Properties of other agencies are not editable
4.10. ACL Scenario #4: Properties of the same agency are full editable
4.11. Property translations
4.12. Property translations: edit form
4.13. Item translation
4.14. Template edit page
4.15. Google streetview
4.16. Google streetview edit form
4.17. Agenda
4.18. Agenda: Monthly view
4.19. Agenda: Weekly view
4.20. Agenda: Daily view
4.21. Agenda: Single appointment
4.22. Multiple agencies
4.23. Multiple agencies: property edit form view
4.24. Support for content plugin
4.25. Import data
4.26. Advanced search
4.27. Automatic search
4.28. Automatic search: results
4.29. Custom module positions: Categories view
4.30. Custom module positions: Category view
4.31. Custom module positions: Property view
4.32. Custom module positions: Contact view
4.33. Custom module positions: Search
4.34. Agents assigned to properties
4.35. Hidden elements
4.36. Hidden elements: property form view
4.37. Image watermark
4.38. Image beautifying
4.39. Carousel module
4.40. Carousel module params
4.41. Properties module
4.42. Properties module params
4.43. Energy class plugin: Configuration params
4.44. Energy class plugin: with and withut class values
4.45. Social share plugin: result example
4.46. Social share plugin: configuration options
4.47. Social share plugin: property metadata
4.48. Social share plugin: example of shared property
4.49. Generate ID: Plugin params