Domus Organizer

DomusOrganizer Domus Organizer is a tool for real estate agencies.
Stop displaying your properties and start managing them! You can save customer requests, search them, handle photos and properties connected with your customer.
With few clicks, you can integrate your properties inside your Joomla site.

Don't worry about fixed settings, everything is customizable.

To see this extension in action, please visit our demo site:

Stable 4.0.0

Released on:
Tuesday, 02 February 2016 01:00

New major version

This is a new major version, bringing a lot of new features and bugfixes. Since it is a new major version (as explained in the semantic versioning), there could be some backward incompatibilities: in this case we choose to drop support for Joomla 2.5.

Farewell Joomla 2.5

Joomla 2.5 reached its end of life in December 2014; finally, as we already anticipated in our news, we decided to drop support to it. In this way we can focus our development on new features, instead of finding workarounds to ensure compatibility with all platform versions.

New template system

As you know, Domus Organizer supports a template system for your layouts. However, until now, you had to manually create them.

With this release we added support to installable templates: we are going to create packages that you can easily install using Joomla extension system.

Our first template is named Sunday and it was created by Chiara Aliotta from Until Sunday: kudos to her for the great job!


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  • [PRO] Added support for template packages
  • [PRO] Speed optimizations while loading translations
  • [PRO] Added module to display properties on a Google Map
  • Added a new plugin for property gallery images
  • Categories deep is no longer limited to a single child
  • Added compact mode to Energy Class plugin
  • Removed some old code using Mootools
  • Removed now obsolete index.html files from component folders
  • As announced, dropped support for Joomla 2.5
  • [PRO] [LOW] Fixed saving position while using Street View
  • [MEDIUM] Fixed error while editing zones
  • [PRO] [MEDIUM] Fixed permissions check while saving property
  • [LOW] Fixed carousel transition when there are less than 3 photos
  • [LOW] In some rare circumstances it was not possible to correctly choose zones, subzones and towns
  • [LOW] Fixed detection of menu entries while building SEF links
  • [LOW] Property keywords were not created during the import with CREA plugin
  • [LOW] Fixed warning in Google Maps (the sensor param is no longer required)
  • [LOW] Fixed recording property visits

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Stable 3.9.0

Released on:
Thursday, 17 September 2015 02:00

This is a feature release, all users are adviced to update.

If you find this extension useful, please leave a review at the Joomla Extension Directory

  • Added ordering support for carousel module
  • Added ordering support for plain properties module
  • Added option to display search results on a map
  • Added integration with CREA (Canadian Real Estate Association)
  • [LOW][PRO] Prevent the user to assign to a record a wrong access level and locking himself out from editing it

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