Joomla4Schema.org J4Schema is a visual editor for schema.org attributes, the new standard for semantic search created by Google, Bing and Yahoo.
With few clicks, you can choose and select wich information you want to add to your articles, so your search results could be easily converted into Rich Snippets.

To see this extension in action, please visit our demo site: j4schema.fabbricabinaria.it

WARNING: As stated in the docs, this components works only with JCE editor; so you need to use it in order use J4Schema

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Domus Organizer

DomusOrganizer Domus Organizer is a tool for real estate agencies.
Stop displaying your properties and start managing them! You can save customer requests, search them, handle photos and properties connected with your customer.
With few clicks, you can integrate your properties inside your Joomla site.

Don't worry about fixed settings, everything is customizable.

To see this extension in action, please visit our demo site: domus.fabbricabinaria.it

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TracktimeTracktime was created to meet the needs of freelance developers, by a freelance developer.
Are you looking for a tool that tracks down the time you spent on a project?
Wondering if the customer is asking "too much", since you're already over budget?
Can't find your notes about a project or you can't remember were did you save some important files sent by the customer?

With this extension you can keep track of every change made, organize your customers, your projects and their attachments and finally have everything under your control.

If you are looking for something more (for example invoicing, extension repository, customer fronetend access, reports, agenda or remote tracking from you customer site), take a look at our professional version.

To see this extension in action, please visit our demo site: tracktime.fabbricabinaria.it

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PlayThru captcha

playthruPlaythru is an amazing new captcha.
Instead of trying to understand twisted and distorted text to prove that they're human, let your users play a short mini game!

This plugin will add support for PlayThru captcha in your Joomla! site, remember to signup into their site in order to get the publisher and scoring key.

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TCPDF library

Joomla 1.5 used to have the TCPDF included inside the installation package.
Sadly in 2.5 there is no such library, so here you can find a Joomla ready-to-install archive.

It's a useful resource for developers: they can install this library when they install their extensions, then it could be updated using Joomla! update stream.

This is a "lite" version, with most used fonts only. If you need more, you can consider downloading the main package from the official site.

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