Frequently Asked Questions


Are there any domain licensing restrictions?

Absolutely no! Once purchased you can install our software in every site you want. There aren't any limits on the number of installation or domains.
The download ID is not used to track your copies, it's just used to enable automatic updates to subscribers.

Do you have any demos available?

Sure, we have plenty of online demos:

I've just purchased your software but I can't download it

Please logout and then login again. Joomla! caches the permissions and they are not refreshed until you login again. Sadly that's an issue with every Joomla! site, not only ours.

What is your refund policy?

Executive summary: you can ask for a refund if and only if you didn't download our software. For a more comprehensive explanation please take a look at our Terms of the Service.

What happens when my subscription expires? Can I keep using your software?

Once your subscription expires, you can keep using our pro extensions, it won't automatically block or revert to the "free" version. However you can't receive any support nor download updates.