[SOLVED] Front end menu links do not work.

30 Nov 2012 18:51 - 04 Dec 2012 14:18 #383 by ZAZAZAZ
Hi. My installation of Domus was working perfectly well, for a few days. Now all Domus front end menus lead me to the same property list.
I really don't know what's the issue.
Can you please check it out?
Site acuhypnotherapy.com/shipyacht_com/ship-yacht-market/
Your username -
Password -
Thank you.

If I add index.php?option=com_domus&view=property&layout=form from Menu backend Link field to website address - I can reach it, but that's a very inconvenient way of doing it.

And I don't understand where can I see internal description for the property, that I entered for internal company use, when I created that property. If you could, please, explain it to me? I entered it for a new property, but it says "No notes added", and when I am hitting an "Edit" button on top right - I cannot really edit anything, as it throws me to a page with "No results" in the middle, as if I was making a search.

When I press "New" button - I cannot really create anything neither, and I hoped I could transform everything there, translate ini file to Russian, and go ahead.

Buttons "User Profile" and "Agency Profile" not working. They lead to 500 error pages.

In Customer List if you press New - it goes to Edit page with the following error:

Fatal error: Call to a member function getListFooter() on a non-object in bla_bla_bla/shipyacht_com/components/com_domus/views/customers/tmpl/default.php on line 103
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01 Dec 2012 12:26 #384 by admin
I think there is something in the route process that doesn't work.
Please can you remove any "administrative" link (customer list, property list and so on) from the public menu entry (Ship Yachts market) and create a new one on root level, linking to the Admin dashboard?

Domus Organizer tries to "guess" the correct menu item when you surf form a page to another, maybe there's something wrong, but i need to test.

By the way, which template are you using? So I'll recreate the environoment on local server

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01 Dec 2012 12:53 - 01 Dec 2012 13:49 #385 by ZAZAZAZ
I'm using the latest Gantry framework and template from Rockettheme. They come in a bundle. Free.
I will move menus somewhere else today, later in the day. (I'm in NYC) Right now we have to go to my son's hockey game.
Thank you for quick reply.

Moving Menus to Root really helped a lot.
But buttons Edit and Menu New Customer bring me to uneditable grey screen, like mentioned in some other topics in this forum. How can I correct that? (CSS files are very hard to find in this template :(
I changed also CSS in #domus ul.hidden{display:inline;list-style-type:none;margin:0;padding:0;visibility: inherit;} to visible - no help.

CORRECTION - CHANGING to visible - helped !!!
It's just that Domus Organizer was updated couple of days ago, I think, and that line was overwritten to inherited.

Also, internal notes disappear, even if I just press Save.
Problem with Internal Notes is still there.
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03 Dec 2012 07:04 #394 by 1rambo1
Hey Dude @ ZAZAZAZ , i cant see the frontend of this component it shows only Dashbord and utilities,, i also try your link idea in my webaddress (index.php?option=com_domus&view=property&layout=form) but its give
500:page not found error, it;s urgent dude plz, HELP

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03 Dec 2012 15:48 #403 by ZAZAZAZ
The owner of this program already gave you a link to Joomla Tutorial.
You go to your Joomla back end.
Find Menus.
Click New Menu.
Choose Menu type linked to Domus Organizer - for example - Dashboard.
Make sure it is Published, and published on all pages.
It shouldn't be public.
So you have to create a new user Group for Domus, and then make that Menu item available just for that group.
That's it.
Now you go to Front End of your site and click that new Menu.
Everything is done from front end.
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04 Dec 2012 07:14 #409 by 1rambo1
Thanks, Dude For Your Quick Reply, :D

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