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I know how to translate ini files.
There is only one problem.
Your program is so much better then any other Joomla extension right now on the market - no questions about it.
This should be done in 2 steps:
1. Your program, though written in English language, will leave a majority of US spoken customers away from it, just because some fields and entries are European, or British spoken language and field names.
Do you want me to modify everything for US?

2. Now.... REALLY LOVE Domus Organizer. I'm ready to do the job to translate everything in Russian.
BUT !!!
I do not sell Properties. I sell Yachts and Boats, and this program of yours is able to SELL, and, most importantly, ORGANIZE ANYTHING you want to sell.
I used to be in American Real Estate and Mortgage business though for a few years, and I know what they should sound like.
Do you want me to do this job?

Additional Step. But really important one.

I want to change ini file fields, and all entries in your configuration to do my job. Sell yachts and boats.
And the last thing...
Probably most important for you, as a developer...
This program of yours can be easily adopted to sell ANYTHING.
Let me know.
Thank you.

By the way - my son's team won the game this morning after additional time and shoot-outs. I don't know if u r in to hockey or not :cheer:
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Let me give you a couple of real US address examples, that everybody understands, including Google Maps.

689 Melrose Ave., Bronx, NY 10455 USA


402 East 154 Street, 3D Bronx, NY 10455 USA


402 East 154 Street, 3D - is called - Street Address

Bronx - is called - City

NY - is called - State

10455 - is called - Zip Code

Country - USA -I don't need this one - but u might think about it.

The word Telephone should be changed to Phone

May be some more stuff after, but this is what is striking my eyes right now, and everybody in the United States.
It makes it almost unusable, and let me tell you - real estate market in the United States is still one of the most attractable. I will definitely work with you to translate all of those little things in real american English. There is no problem, by the way, that you will have 2 different translations -one for Europe - one for US. They could be still defined as English en-EN.ini files iin your downloads, but just identify them as one for Europe, and one for US.
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03 Dec 2012 11:16 #401 by admin
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first of all, congrats for your child, I used to play basket and I know how it feels :D

Reading your example, I have a few more questions.
So I should change "District" to "State" and the "street type" is quite useless...
However, you can leave it empty, since it will be used in feature releases.

And now, a little spolier :P

In one of the next release, I'd wish to add the integration with real estate portals (ie e-bay and so on).
Since they required standard fields, I had to create a new field to encode the street type :P

By the way, can you suggest me any US real estate portal?

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03 Dec 2012 14:37 #402 by ZAZAZAZ
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Right out of my head - Trulia.
Everybody knows it and uses it, including real estate companies.
I was once even creating a website for one company, and they told me they wanted exactly the same organization as on Trulia, and later I was told to copy properties from Trulia for their site.

You have great plans, but as I said - your program is easily adapted for any market, not just real estate.
Please, leave everything editable for people from other types of businesses.

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I want to help you with English, or better say, American English translations for Real Estate terms. Do you want me to give you all that information here? Alternatively you can email to me, and I will do it there.

But right now that I just woke up, without looking at Domus, few emergency corrections:

There are no rooms and/or total rooms. In US they call that on any website and in business, as well in everyday life - Bedrooms. Let's say I live in a 3 bedroom Apartment (NO FLAT!!!). That means - 1 living room, and 3 bedrooms. No other way.

Nobody knows what's WC. Bathrooms. There could be 1. 1 1/2, 2, 2 1/2, 3, 3 1/2 (and so on) bathrooms.

There is no lift. It's Elevator.

Gardens usually are not indicated. What's indicated - Backyard, Driveway

Labels Details, Stable Details - are not clear. Think about something else. One of them could be Neighborhood, or Near, where you could put School, College, Subway Station, Bus Station, Railway, Park, Lake/River/Ocean, and so on.
If it has a piece of that shore, it's called Waterfront.

The Floors are counted here as Ground Floor, 1st Floor, and so on

Types of property - Residential, Commercial, Industrial - and MIXED !!!

As for apartments it HAS to be indicated if they are just for sale, Coop, or Condominium.

Houses could me One Famiiy, Two Family, Multifamily, Attached, Semiattached and more staff.

Financial part - could be, for example, On Sale by Owner, Owner Finance, Bank Owned, Foreclosure and more.

So from the short list all those Rooms 0 Bedrooms, 0 WC, 4 Total rooms
have to be removed anyway.

What has to go there is like this:

1 Family House, 3 Bedrooms, 1 1/2 Baths, 1762 Sq. ft Built 1930.

I asked you to remove them from there, just because I want to sell yachts and boats, but to use Domus in US you have to replace them. In other countries they will be different, but 1 Family House, 3 Bedrooms, 1 1/2 Baths, 1762 Sq. ft Built 1930 have to be there.
So it will be better if you could make those fields labels editable through the front end.

These are just emergency changes for Domus, that I remember have to be done without looking at it.
During the day I will correct other terms.

In general american public is 90% geographically stupid. It's not that I want to offend here any american, but this is the official term they use talking about themselves, and it's true. So all fields about Exposure have to be removed. They just don't know where is North or South. They have a compass on their iPhones, but they will not be able to figure out which way their apartment is facing. Houses are facing 4 different ways anyway. That would be a real puzzle for almost everybody, nobody was thinking about it in their life, real estate brokers have no idea which way their properties are facing. Exposure is not the word they will understand anyway. Use "Facing" instead, if you want to use it.
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05 Dec 2012 15:12 #415 by ZAZAZAZ
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One more note, really important, but not related to translations. When I was working for a website company, part of which was Real Estate, we created a LOT of those clickable fields and select boxes. When it went in production we realized that out of each 1000 users only about 5 were really clicking on anything. It was just a waste of time for us to create all of that, and for them, especially taking into consideration that the majority of users will be Real Estate Brokers - they just don't bother, and do not have time for that. They have to place 10s or 100s ads a day on different portals. They already have the text for it on their computer. So they just copy and paste in general description. And they go to the next web portal.
In your program there will be another problem though. After they do their copy and paste job they will click Save, and nothing will be saved, and they will go to a different website. Period.
Just cause Required fields for Positioning (which is not understandable, should be just Address) is on the second tab, they cannot see it right away, they click Save, and...

As for addresses - you are right. Street Atrs have to go.
The simpler - the better. Look at Google Maps. No select boxes at all. Just type in any address.
Or, I really liked the idea in GmapFP, I was using it on my site, you can play with a free version for Joomla - just move that marker on a Google Map, or type in an address - and the marker is already there.
Because you cannot have, let's say the field Town on the front page of Real Estate website in Search Module, just because you would need to put there a few millions cities, towns, villages from any country in the world.

For USA you could put there State. Even better - ZIP. But to use ZIP in your program you would need to pay a lot of money and devote a lot of time to get somewhere all available zip codes and to make it work.

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