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Re future updates. was created by ZAZAZAZ
I' m really into your program. I already made some changes, according to my needs. Also changed one word in CSS file, so that everything works. Some things I did - like creating Type search fields, may be about 200 of them, one by one.
Also you promised, that in your next release the problem with saving Internal Notes will be solved.
May be in future people will find some other little bugs, edit something according to their business, you will make more and more improvements to your program
And here comes my question. And it is a BIG question.

How may I update the program to a new version without loosing all my changes and work ??!!
Because last week, after automatic update through back end, obviously that CSS file was overwritten.

Is it possible just to update "system" files in the future, preserving all other files, like CSS, ini, all new tables, types. categories already created?

Or may be you could indicate somewhere, that for those people, who do not want to update all the program as it is, - "these and these" updated files from a new package should be uploaded to the server.
And I might say - even right now your program is the best. All I actually need - is to be able to save those Internal Notes, so that I could put Domus on production site and already start using it
In future you should start charging money for it, in my opinion. Though russians will still any program anyway :)
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04 Dec 2012 09:51 - 04 Dec 2012 09:52 #410 by admin
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Well, first of all, don't panic :P

Let's start from the simpler to the harder case.

Table data
Data won't be changed, ever. Maybe there could be a change in table structure, but this will be automatically handled by the component, in order to mantain integrity with existant data.
So, don't worry, your types and categories will be there :D

Custom CSS, layouts etc. etc.
As you might know, you can customize everything, and when I say everything, I really mean everything.
You can change CSS files, Javascript files, layout files, you just have to use template overrides.
In this way, you changes won't be touched and you'll be able to update to the latest version.
For more information please take a look to this link:

Language overrides
This could be more complicated, but in the end it's quite easy to do; you have to use Joomla built-in language overrides.
For example, you want to change the string COM_DOMUS_TOWNS (displayed as "Towns") to display the text "Custom towns".
To do that, go into the Language Manager >> Overrides and add a new string.
For more information you can refer this page

Hope this helps!
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04 Dec 2012 14:34 - 04 Dec 2012 15:16 #411 by ZAZAZAZ
Replied by ZAZAZAZ on topic Re future updates.
Like always - thank you for your fast reply.
In other topic I asked how to change Space 0.00 m² • Rooms 0 • Bedrooms 0 • WC 0 in public front end property list.
If it is hard to do for now - how can I just remove all these labels, leave empty space there, or put there only "Year built" label?
And how may I remove completely, or change the following labels:
Property cond.
Total surface0.00
Stable details
Year of built0
Year of rebuilt0
Total floors0
Bulding type
Building condition
Stable details
Heating supply
Heating power
Air condition
Garden 0.00
Lift Reception Top floor

throughout the program? And change a lot of those field types from selection boxes to text areas?
I really want to make those changes. Where exactly can I change those labeles, which files to look in? Cause using front end I was not able to change them.
Now, more connected to this topic. Even if I make these changes, will they be preserved after updates using methods you have just recommended?
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