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I'm opening this topic just because I'm already in love with Domus.
Putting some issues for consideration in different topics though makes it a little confusing.

Now... Let's move to my first suggestion, around which all my previous topics were revolving from this or that approach.

Domus is already great. Just great.

Now let me describe a real life situation.

I'm the owner of World is Yours Corporation located in New York.
I have a website with this name. (I actually have a shorter one, we can try from there)

Now... I have a Real Estate Company in Belgium, another one in Milan, Russian Vodka store in the middle of Australia, a flower shop in Madagaskar, a United States network of supermarkets, a World wide network of supermarkets, 2 newspapers and a bordello in Ukraine that financially supports all of that.
I have hundreds of people working in each departments of each of my businesses around the world.
Each business is officially registered with US Federal and States Departments, and each is doing business as an independent A, according to US Law, as Doing Business As (DBA)
Now.... I have a general website for my 1 Corporation. I want to be able to sell there Real Estate. Not just in USA. It's not good to sell properties with a ZIP Code like 10005 in Russia, just cause in Russia it is 307894 - 6 digits, not 5.

Here comes my 1-st, and I think, best suggestion:

Keep doing what you are doing.

You already have a category structure.
I, as a user of Domus, create a new category, let's say - Vodka Shop Madagascar

And I'm able to create MANY DIFFERENT links on my main website to just link different categories in Domus to my Joomla Menu structure.
I can sell ReaI Estate, one for US, one for Europe, One for Russia, one for Mongolia, I can go from here to sell Nuclear Power Plants, to sell элетромегнтеттоэлекровозостроительноеоборудование для тяжёлломеханичесскихпредприятий на территории Российской Федирации для продажи на Экспорт.

From this point I want to create Vodka kinds and prices for each for this particular vodka in that vodka store in Madagascar

I create whatever I want. Ones with apple flavor, or ones with the name Stolichnaya - it's up to me
You, as a programmer, will never be able to control all the businesses, and all the people wanting to use your program about what they want to put in that field.

So, in Domus you create a free to use Field Option menu for any chosen category, like in SobyPro, and that's it.
Now you gave a total freedom to users to create whatever they want.


Make ANY of those categories in Domus linkable (it's not the proper English) for people to create basic Joomla Menu New Item.

That's about it as for my basic idea.
Now they are able to create sub-categories, And MAKE THEM ROOT categories. Like in Joomla. From now on - you are don't know what they are about yo create under that root category. Flower Shop. Bordello (that one u would have to describe in your Terms and Conditions of program use), world wide network of department stores, like IKEA, Wall Mart, K-Mart,, Amazon, E-Bay, and so many others. it's already there. They would LOVE it for the fact, how easy your program could be organized.
And then - comes the field structure. Leave it free for your users to organize them.
Any type of link.
In your choices you just make it possible to create links under other links, or Root category.

Now, if I'm a reach man, I can just go on and create a Real Estate business website. On the same site - my Department store , and all of it departments, like furniture, Italian bread department, a cruise to Rome - you do not care what they create any more.

From creating new subcategories for each category, to ability to rename Details, Stable Details (I woud suggest for now those to be text areas with TinyMCE with limited word count with More option, like any Joomla Option, with all Joomla already pre installed plugin options.)

Even links to other Joomla extensions, like Virtue Mart, or Hika Shop.

Your program will move to number one in Joomla world and web world in general.
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09 Dec 2012 22:38 #440 by ZAZAZAZ
Replied by ZAZAZAZ on topic General Suggestions
I've a new suggestion.
Demand ! :)
Now when I'm uploading images I have to press Choose button, then Add button, then all I see is a little trash icon, no thumbnail. In order to see it I have to press Save. Wait for window to reload. Then go to the next picture. If I have 20 or more pictures to upload - it becomes VERY time consuming. A part of my day will be just uploading images for different properties.
In a lot of modern day programs you can select all pictures you need after you hit Choose button. And in a few seconds all your pictures are there. Hit Save and you are done.
Are you planning to implement it in future upgrades?

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09 Dec 2012 22:49 - 09 Dec 2012 22:49 #441 by admin
Replied by admin on topic General Suggestions
well, did you see the "Add image" button?
press it and you'll able to choose another image.
then simply press save and every image will be uploaded to the site :)
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09 Dec 2012 23:39 #442 by ZAZAZAZ
Replied by ZAZAZAZ on topic General Suggestions
The way it works on my site - I have to hit Choose, Add, Save - wait to reload for each image.
If I'm, let's say a real estate broker, and I have to add 20 new properties, with 20 images each - that will take me half a day!
If you go to my site, this part - Яхт Клуб as a registered user, Domus and the saame pass as before - you will be able to upload photos by choosing tens of them, if you want, at a time. Just Choose and hit Start Upload. That's it.
Way easier.

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10 Dec 2012 16:20 #444 by ZAZAZAZ
Replied by ZAZAZAZ on topic General Suggestions
Again. On my site, if I hit Choose and Add for a few pictures, not one - only one would be saved. So I have to hit Save on each and every picture.
Can you tell me how may I fix that at least?

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