Is there a way to change the currency?

16 Dec 2012 07:12 - 16 Dec 2012 07:22 #477 by ZAZAZAZ
And in US they do not write it as ft2
Its always just sft
As well as I mentioned before, it has to be on the frontpage as this:

3 Bdr Apartment, 2789 sft, 1and1/2 Bthrs, 1986 built, $150,000 By Owner

And nothing else. Otherwise you will NEVER get to American market. They just DO NOT understand any other language.
Also - very important - type of property. House - Apartment, and if it is an Apartment - Condo, or Coop, or Private.

Let me give you another example:

2 family house, 3 bdrms and 4 bdrms, 1 bthr and and 2 1/2 bthrms, 1846 built, $,2,000,000,099 Foreclosure
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16 Dec 2012 09:34 #478 by admin
thank for the help, I'll add another option :)

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