You cannot get Excellent mark on Jommla Extensions

19 Dec 2012 17:54 #479 by ZAZAZAZ
Look at at what they've sent me a week after I submitted a Review for your Extension on Joomla Extensions website. Tell me if it is not stupid?

to me

first of all, thanks for your review.
I talked with JED moderators and it seems that your review has been rejected because it didn't meet the guidelines (I think it's too positive :P)
This thing already happened on another extension of mine :)

If you don't mind, can you submit another one?
Thanks for your time, reviews are very important for Joomla developers!

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19 Dec 2012 18:06 #480 by ZAZAZAZ
Here is what I answered to them.
My opinion is that they probably think I'm one of your co-workers:

There is nothing to be funny about. This is the number one Classifieds and Directory Joomla Extensions right now on the market, as well as on Joomla Extensions website right now. I've really installed each one in that directory one by one, all of them have problems that I've already described in my post, and NONE of them could be compared in general appearance on the front page of anybodies website, or a speed or of replies from the developer.
I have all the rights of mine opinion about of this Joomla Extension to be published on Joomla Extensions website.
If you are not sure - please give this case to your manager, or give me a call directly, at 1(347)251-5930
I'm ready to go to a court for that matter.

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