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03 Feb 2013 14:02 #605 by mar1eke
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First of all, let me compliment you on this great extension. I love it, it is excactly what I need to make a great looking real estate website.

I managed to change the layout and customize it to my needs and translated the things I need in the .ini files into Dutch. This is fairly easy if you know where to look.

But I do have few questions or problems I ran into.

First, I can't upload multiple pictures. I have to upload them one by one, press save after every pic and start over. This is a bit of a fuss, because I need to upload lots of properties and pics.

Second, I like to have a multiple language website, for now only Dutch an English and in the future Portuguese. I have tried an extension called Easy Language, which more or less does the trick, but messes up the layout of the English website, the properties are "grouped", without a description, like they belong together, and when I look at one property, the layout is all on the lefthand side. This is only when I use the Easy language plugin. I removed the plugin and when I change the language of the frontend in English the layout is fine, but ony in the Dutch language.

Third, the attributes. There is no option of adding new attributes. I needed to change the description in the.ini files to get what I need. For instance, I do not need aircondition, but I needed to add warm water and source of water. In the . ini files I changed airco to watersource, but there must be a easier way to add new attributes. I need to be able to add more attributes to, let's say, details, but I can't.

And last (for now): integration with social media. Is it possible to use an extension or plugin in the frontend to make it able for visitors to share the property on facebook, twitter, linkedin and other social media? This would be great for my website, I haven't yet tried any plugins, but I will. Maybe you know of one that works.

Thanks again for this great extension!


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03 Feb 2013 17:57 #606 by admin
Replied by admin on topic Multiple questions

thanks for your kind words!
By the way if you find this extension useful, consider leaving a review on JED

Now, your questions:
1) Yes, it's a known bug. I have alredy fixed that, I'll publish a new version in a couple of days. In the meantime, you can use Firefox browser, since here there is no such bug.

2) I have already planned to release a multilanguage feature. Probably it will be ready for the end of the month, I have to polish it up and then I'll add inside the professional version.

3) Custom attributes are quite hard to implement. The display option is ok, but I have to work out the search part. However, I already planned to develop such feature

4) I have to check the code, but it *should* run content plugin: so if you have any content plugin that enables social media, it *should* work. However I can try to develop this feature, too.


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03 Feb 2013 21:17 #607 by mar1eke
Replied by mar1eke on topic Multiple questions
Thank you for your reply!

I will go have a look in the morning about the social media plugin, I have it working on an other site, in the content. I will let you know if I got it working.

I tried using firefox, but the layout is completely messed up and I can't add a town or pictures to a new object this way! For now I will just work a bit harder and add them one by one with chrome.

The language thing is more or less important, I need the site to go online this week, and I have translated the rest of the website today using the new Joomfish. This is easy and doesn't interfere with other components (yet). My question about this is, is it possible to make a content element xml file for joomfish to translate the files? I might be able do to it myself, if you could let me know if this is possible. At least untill your version of a multilingual extension is done. Because I also need to be able for other people to add properties without having to be in the backend, but thiat is a future thing, for now I am the only one adding, editing and messing up.. ;).

Thanks for your time!

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