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06 Sep 2012 21:10 #139 by manburg6

just some question.

For now I'm interested only in virtuemart tag.
The reason is because I0m using Yootheme tempate and I need a little ime to merce j4schema content template and Yootheme one.

So... I've customize j4schema theme under virtuemart.
I don't copy content template override but I've copied manually the virtuemart j4schema theme.

Now I can see tag into Virtuemart page but the test tool told me:

The following errors were found during preview generation:
This page does not contain authorship or rich snippet markup.

Do I miss something?

What I miss if I don't use content template?

Last but not least... where I can find download ID to put in autoupdate field?

Ciao e grazie,

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06 Sep 2012 22:37 #140 by admin
Replied by admin on topic Content installation
hi, there are no errors on your site.

Google message is quite misunderstanding: it says there is no verified author.
If there was an error you would see a big red warning :)

To add a verified author, you have to follow these steps:

anyway, since you have to know the google+ id of the author, it's not possible to add those author to Virtuemart reviews.

For your download id, you can find it here:

Ciao Ciao

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