J1.5 installation unsuccessful

15 Mar 2013 14:11 #687 by lifeboy

I installed the J4Schema free plugin into Joomla 1.5.11 and get the message:

Uh oh! There's something wrong
Check the requirements below
Mootools System upgrade not enabled.
You MUST enable it in order to use J4Schema

However, there doesn't seem to be a Mootools for Joomla 1.5 or am I just too inexperienced with Joomla setups?

Please help if any of you know what to do to enable "Mootools System update"

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15 Mar 2013 14:19 #688 by admin
Hi, you must have the latest Mootools version in order to use J4Schema (moreover old joomla version have a lot of security issues)

Once updated, you'll find the Mootools plugin in the plugin page.

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