2 different problems

28 Mar 2013 16:01 #758 by msit
2 different problems was created by msit

1.) I installed the newest version of Akeeba Backup today, and J4schema is still not working without reinstalling your FOF-Version from the other Thread in this forum-

2.) If you mark a line with different font-types or -forms, eg. "Solar-Laderegler mit 30, 60, 90, 120 A, then you get the problem, that after "paste back" only the bold text is kept. The rest disappears completely :ohmy:
Btw: I tried different formats ..
Not only in the editor, also in the code ...

Backup is very important! I was not able to test it right now, because I installed a lot of testing stuff today, but:
Does it still work after going back to the older FOF? :huh:

There should be found a way, to bring things together, which sholud work together ... ;)

Any idea, how to solve the second problem with formatted text?

Happy Easter!


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28 Mar 2013 16:07 #759 by admin
Replied by admin on topic 2 different problems

the problem is that akeeba is shipping a broken version of FOF.
So, if you install the latest Akeeba Backup, you have to install the fix that you found in the later library.
I already reported it to the developer.
You're not installing an "older" version of FOF, you're installing a newer one :P
However, you should be able to install the FOF upgrade in the extensions upgrade page, since a new version has been released.

Regarding the formatted text, sorry but I can't help you. I'm using the functions that JCE offers, so I can't handle this problem... sorry :(

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28 Mar 2013 16:40 #760 by msit
Replied by msit on topic 2 different problems
OK. A newer version is always better! :-)
I hope the backup still works ...

Where is the problem with the text?
I do not understand why only the e.g. bold or otherwise formatted part is surrounded by the snippet tags ...

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