PlayThru Captcha not showing up in Joomla

04 Aug 2013 13:09 #1302 by mkoontz
I have just installed the PlayThru Captcha but it isn't showing up. Here are the Specifics.

Joomla v.2.5.13
Gantry Template v.4.1.12
Kunena v.3.0.1

I followed the installation instructions exactly. I activated the plugin, entered the necessary information, chose the PlayThru Captcha as the default for the site setting. Even when doing all that the default recaptcha still shows up. I even tried disabling the default captcha. If I disable it and leave playthru captcha enabled and set as site default I get an error message that says "Captcha plugin not set or not found. Please contact a site administrator". Could this be a problem with Kunena integration with Joomla? I'm wondering because the Kunena configuration has a section to enter the public and private ReCaptcha keys. Thank you in advance for your attention to this matter.


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05 Aug 2013 18:16 #1311 by admin

it depends on how Kunena has been developed.
PlayThru is just another captcha added to Joomla environment, so if an extension is using the Joomla system to display the captcha, it will show up; otherwise it won't

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