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Poll: Wich language do you wish to be translated first?

1 100%
No votes 0%
No votes 0%
Other (please write a post)
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Total number of voters: 1 ( admin )
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04 Aug 2012 07:34 #47 by admin

a lot of users requested it, but at the moment AreYouHuman (the company that developed the captcha) has not API for translation.
So we contacted them asking if they're going to implement translations: they're ready to do that, and they asked us which language is the most requested, to prioritize the development.

In the same way, we're asking you the same thing ;)
Let us know which languages you need!

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07 Feb 2013 17:33 #620 by felfert
Replied by felfert on topic PlayThru plugin translation
Hmm voting-permissions incorrect? (I can see a "Change your vote" link only although I never voted before). If I use that link, I can submit a vote which apparently gets dismissed immediately, showing "Please wait..." message.

german +1

... and I just provided it in my other post ;)


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