How Do We Add Play Thru Captcha To Contact Form ?

18 Mar 2013 16:03 #701 by superwaterman
Hello Fabbrica,

Great extension, we just installed the plugin on our development site and we enabled it, we also added pub key and score key. The problem is we are unable to find a way to enable it in contact form :(

We can't find any tutorials as well ??

Therefore we request you provide us step by step install tutorial in order to enable the PlayThru Captcha plugin in the Joomla contact form.

Thanks in advance for your prompt reply and solution to this matter.

Leslie Gabriel, WaterMan

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19 Mar 2013 10:51 #707 by admin
Playthru is just another captcha, as the reCaptcha one shipped with Joomla.
You can find plenty of tutorials on the net, just try a few searches.

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