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31 Aug 2012 08:03 - 31 Aug 2012 17:53 #109 by GammX1
Hi Davide,
I'm enjoying TrackTime and working to improve it, too. Hope you will welcome this 'new features' request to be added to your PRO version:

MISSED OPTIONS (Please, enabled them if posible):

Backen 'Projects' Tab:
- Please, add the 'SAVE AS COPY' options to the current ones (you will see later why ;-) )
- Please, add 'PRINT' option


As you surely know, GooogleApps FREE account (with max. 10 email user accounts) allows to have the email server outside the Website server and thanks to that, we have the option to offer to our customers the 'freedom' to switch from one hosting provider to other without having to undergo the tedious migration of all email accounts each time... Even to have 'GoogleDocs' & GoogleCalendar' under their own domain sounds good to every customer!!

Then to have all their 'GAPPS' data collected & safe is a must have!... Accordingly I have create for my own use (maintime you consider to add it to TrackTimePro by default or not) an HTML template that can be added inside the Project/Description Area !!

Attached you have a *.7z *.zip file that contains:
1) Printed PDF file that will show you how looks
2) TXT file with all the HTML code (you can open with your advanced editor... aka notepad++)
3) HTML file that you can view through your browser and/or edit with Notepad++

Those files are self explanatory about what I'm asking you to add to TrackTimePro (Project Panel extension to Gapps and the needed fileds) but, if any odd glich or doubt do not hesitate to post it here and I'll do the best to help!

Thanks in advance for your attention and quick feedback,

Hope this helps,

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31 Aug 2012 14:10 #110 by admin
Hi, thanks for the suggestions.

We'll try to add them in the next feature!

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31 Aug 2012 17:52 #111 by GammX1
Please, consider the attached files instead than the earlier ones.
Thanks fro your feedback,

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