Edit Tracktime Logo and Text in frontpage view

09 Jun 2013 05:30 #1111 by mrperez816
Can someone direct me where i can change the Tracktime logo and the text thats shown in the frontpage view for clients.

[img]http://client.techsolutionsguru.com/images/6-8-2013 11-27-46 PM.jpg

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09 Jun 2013 10:42 #1112 by admin

you can change the logo creating a media override.
First of all, the file you have to change is in this location:

You can create a media override creating a new image in this position:

Regarding the text change, you can create a language override. You have to change these two strings:

Please remember that if you override those language strings, they will be replaces everywhere in the component.

If you use these two methods to create overrides, you won't have to worry about next updates, they won't disappear

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10 Jun 2013 05:21 #1114 by mrperez816
Gracias, worked like a charm.

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