Suggested improvement: Acty timer - pause/resume?

09 Jun 2013 21:32 #1113 by treb
To emulate our use of an obsolete J1.0 product - taskhopper "TH"- I have used Projects for parcels of work of maybe 1-8 hours, maybe "re-organise menus", and activities for a smaller single part of this eg "mainmenu item titles". This actiivity could be started and paused after say 20 minutes, and effectively "saved" until later (perhaps the next day); on return, the timer on the same activity id could be resumed without zeroing the previous time elapsed, again paused, or stopped. Perhaps the db field tr_id_hours , for the same Project and Activity ids, could be used to store the total elapsed time on the activity?

This option would be very useful to us, and possibly to others?

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14 Aug 2013 23:34 - 14 Aug 2013 23:35 #1366 by brentmin
I agree with this request. It would help a lot if this could be built in to the next upgrade.Please could we get a response to this request.
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