Activity Remote plugin not working on any site..!?

10 Oct 2012 17:35 #222 by GammX1

- Created a new site with Tracktime 1.6.0 component installed at
- Just a default Joomla! 2.5.7 site and NOT AdminToolsPro nor any other component installed.
User: 'Super User' (there is no other one)
- Created categoryID: 1
- CustomerID: 1
- Created HourstackID: 1
- Configured SecretWord as: 4tracktime

- Configured both 'tracktime plugin' sites (we have tested before) to send the info to the above mentioned site.

RESULT: Does NOT work being at (default Joomla! site), too

CONCLUSION: I have no more options than to wait till you will do the same test at your side (within + from + to)
>> please, use the same data than me or with other one, too... perhaps the problem is the given secretWord of the way to place the URL with or without the last forward slash... !?
Hope this will help you to see where is the problem.

Waiting your feedback,

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