Category field signification and usage

06 Jul 2012 17:23 #30 by Brunov99
I do not understand what the category field stand for.

Does it serve to divide the project into several stages ? In this case the category must be attached to the project and not the reverse.
Does it serve to define several typical steps that are used in several projects?

I thank you specify what you had in mind when you created it and how to use it.

May be it could be fine to add a field with the theorical end date (or amount of time) of the project. In that way i kwow if i'm late or not and if the charged costs


It might be interesting to add a field with the theoretical end date of the project to see if deadlines are met or not and if the cost charged is correct.

Also, in the case of a maintenance sum, it would be interesting to have a field value that changes dynamically based on time spent on the project.

Let me explain: the customer pays € 250 for maintenance costs. Every time I work on the project the amount of time worked is removed on the € 250 and when the field is 0 I know I need to start a new billing.


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06 Jul 2012 22:16 #33 by admin
Category field is quite misleading, I know.
I was thinking about giving it another name, but i didn't find one, so any help is very appreciated :P

The idea behind it is to create a kind of "price categories".
For example, if I have to convert a template, usually I will charge 200$; so when i start a new project, Tracktime will suggest me the overall price for that kind of work.
In a far far away future, we should have a report, where we can see the average revenue for category.

Having a deadline field should be usefull, and the "customer credit" field, too.
Let's see if we can insert it into the next version.

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25 Jul 2012 23:28 #44 by admin
Hi, we have just released a new version of tracktime.
Inside you can find the deadline features and the "customer credit" (called hour stack) one.

Hope they will help you.

By the way, have you considered leaving a review on JED? We really need them! :)

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