06 Dec 2012 09:37 - 12 Mar 2013 19:02 #424 by GammX1
Hi Davide,

This is not a bug or issue report just a feature request for the TrackTime Pro version...

I have some freelance demanded jobs that must be booked, accounted & invoiced under 'days' blocks instead than under 'hours' blocks:

The idea should be to have an additional option to 'check' the possibility to consider an activity under 'daily blocks like '1 day', 2 days' '3 days' >> 10 days' and so on (even 1,5 days. 3,75 days or 10,25 days examples could make this much more perfect but if to much difficult to implemented in one shot, then could be avoided)

- The clock counter timer should not be needed under this option >> Only manually setup available should be enough
- A 'Day price' field at the project backend panel should be needed
- A 'Days Stack' option should be needed,too

>> If you see this feature to much difficult to be added as an option, could you please, let me know how can I fix an hourly cost like 0,83 EUR per hour to meet a daily cost of 20 EUR/ day (seems the current system is not allowing to fix the hourly price <1 like 0,83 or 0,05)

Thanks in advance for your attention, feedback & always close support,
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12 Dec 2012 20:04 #465 by admin
Hi, sorry for the delay.
This is interesting, maybe I can try to work out something for the next release.
However, in the meantime, you can alter the column pr_hour_charge of the table #__tracktime_projects, changing it from integer to decimal 10,2
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