[SOLVED] Activities time saved is always "plus 2 hours"..!?

26 Aug 2012 23:53 #67 by GammX1
First of all congratulations for this very promissing component...
I'm still on trials with your 1.4.o FREE version and looks fine and very acceptable except for the following two points:

1) Each time and 'Activity' is saved the time frame finally saved is always 2 hours later of the real time but the worst is that if modified and saved again additional 2 hours are added... This could never be acceptable if the target is to keep a 'real time' report that could be presented to the final customer at any time...
>> Is there a way to set that to accept the date & time introduced manually (regardless the time that your program thinks is the real one as per server settings or any other consideration may have)?

2) You have been very clever considering to give 'data encription' inside '#__tracktime_projects to the SU, Psswrd, DB Host, DB User, DB Psswrd, DB Name, FTP URL, FTP User, FTP Psswrd fields.... The question is why not to protect the: Domain Control Panel, Domain CP User, Domain CP Psswrd fields, too?

Finally, to have the option to generate a 'Project Status report' under a nice an easy presentation manner (html or PDF) that could allow to be send by email to the final customer at any time, should be a very welcome feature, too
Thanks in advance for your attention & quick feedback,

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