Goodbye PlayThru

Has reported on Are You A Human blog, they are going to shut down the PlayThru service, this means that we will have to retire our integration plugin, too.

Goodbye PlayThru, you served us very well.

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Mocking PHP native functions


As you might know, currently I'm writing a lot of tests.

While we are not fan of the 100% Code Coverage dogma, we are trying to cover our code as much as possible.
Using namespaces, containers and dependency injections helps a lot, however there are some edge cases where you really can't test it.

I'm talking about PHP native functions: how can you simulate a specific time? Or if there is a problem while opening a file?

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Do Random stuff

Lately I am writing a lot of tests for a new PHP framework: at the moment we passed 2800 tests, but the number will grow, since we're at about 50%. Tests were running fine, however I was wondering if there were any hidden issues due the large amount of mocked object.

The next thing to do was to run them in a random order: sadly the results were unexpected.

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