jwc 13This year I'll attend to Joomla World Conference on November 8th - 10th 2013; the meeting will be held at Boston, MA, USA.
The location chosen is the Joseph B. Martin Conference Center at Harvard Medical School (Harvard?? Really??)

This time, for the first time, I'll hold a session on a very specific topic: getting started with Unit Testing.
More specifically, I'll report my own experience writing tests for the FrameworkOnFramework library. When I started writing them, I faced a very big problem: on internet there are no step by step guides, you have to discover everything through "the hard way".

I hope my session will help some developers to retain a little of mental health during the crazy task of writing Unit Tests ;)
A video should be available, however I'll upload the slides as soon as they are ready.

UPDATE The video is still missing, however you can find the slides in the full article.