Version compatibility

The following tables summarise the compatibility of our products with different versions of Joomla!. Please consult this table before attempting to install our software on your site.

Support policy: Please note that only the latest released stable version of each of our software is supported at any given time. Only specific platforms are supported for each release. We can only provide very limited support for old versions of our software. No support can be provided for running our software on unsupported platforms or problems arising from doing so.

Legend: Versions in green background are currently supported on the indicated Joomla! version. Other items have very limited support as explained above. A dash means that there is no tested version for this Joomla! version or it is no longer available for download. All versions listed here are available from our site's download page.

 TrackTimeDomus Organizer
Joomla! 2.5.5+ 3.1.x 3.9.x
Joomla! 3.0 3.1.x 3.9.x
Joomla! 3.1
3.1.x 3.9.x
Joomla! 3.2
3.1.x 4.x.x
Joomla! 3.3
3.1.x 4.x.x
Joomla! 3.4
3.1.x 4.x.x
Joomla! 3.5
3.1.x 4.x.x
Joomla! 3.6
3.1.x 4.x.x
Joomla! 3.7
3.1.x 4.x.x